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iTravelopedia is a comprehensive guide for you to plan your holiday, as easy as pie. Offering you all the best holiday destinations under one roof.

You will get all the information you might need from start till end under one roof. You don’t need to get into the hassle of opening multiple web pages just to know a particular spot. Just visit our website and get complete information just about any place you wish to travel, and we will not disappoint you!

We are currently at development stage, soon you will be able to access tours and tickets of the destinations you are travelling to. Our vision is to help our visitors to plan their upcoming trip in a most cost-effective manner and to get maximum out of their visit.

We are a newlywed couple who share the same passion- yes you guessed it right, its travel! We love traveling and thus decided to create a platform for people like us to make their travel experiences more pleasant, affordable and manageable. We believe that whenever you visit a place, you should take back bucket full of joyous memories home. And this is why we are here today!

Our goal is to spread happiness and help people create beautiful collection of memories. Remember it’s only up to you to make your trip good to totally unforgettable.

We are your travel buddies and we will make your holiday a blissful escape that you will cherish forever.