Tokyo is a mega city with over 13 million people and a capital of Japan. Tokyo is considered as a metropolitan city of the world and is a pride of this beautiful country. It has a lot to offer to its visitors with a marvellous mixture of modern living and old fashioned manners, cutesy cartoon mascots and slick high-tech gadgets. An overwhelming urban surrounded with neon lights at the shopping venue for shopaholics at the safest streets in the entire world. A never forgetting trip with the out class glimpse of its cultural with an amazingly innovative architecture. A vibrant city and full of life, simply a stimulating and wonderful trip to Japan.

Below is our top list of Tokyo attractions that will help you plan your trip so that you don’t worry about what to do in Tokyo:

1. Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is the 1.5 acre theme park located in Urayasu, with an exclusive layout and diverse attractions plus lots of surprises awaiting for you. Disneyland should be on top of your Tokyo itinerary. It is especially known for its hilarious rides, joyous live shows and incredible costumed characters at this iconic theme park. It is the huge park where you will go crazy after exploring the magical fantasyland, critter country and thrilling western land and adventure land. Do not forget to get this splendour, humorous and happiness package while your visit to Tokyo.
Timings – Opening hours 9:00-22:00 on week days | From 8:00 on weekends and holidays
Tickets – Adult (18 years old+) – $75 | Junior (12-17 years old) – $65 | Child (4-11) – $49

2. Tokyo Disneysea

Tokyo Disney Sea is 176-acre large and one of the happiest place on the planet earth. It is another name to beauty with its gorgeous and spectacular views. It is the fourth utmost visited theme park in the world. Disney Sea is unique to Tokyo consisting of more great and adventurous rides. It is a ground with awe-inspiring attractions, parades and displays and handsome greeting Disney characters. Brighten your memorable day with overloaded delicious flavours by stopping at the restaurant.
Timings – Open every day from 10:00am – 10:00pm
Tickets – $65 for an adult | $42 for a child

3. Disney Resort

Disney resort consists of the two most amazing theme parks with variety of fabulous shows and attractive drives. This place is worth going because it comprises of three main attractions, which is a flawless place for tourism. It is the place full of entertainment, fantasy, delightful environment with distinctive facilities around you. No chance of getting bored at this beautiful resort with so many popular attractions to visit. Only the sightseeing will be memorable, think how extraordinary you can make it by enjoying every moment of it and by clicking as many pictures as you want with your favourite Disney characters. Live your dream with Tokyo’s Disney resort.
Timings – Week days- 9:00-22:00 | Weekends and holidays- 8:00-22:00
Tickets – Fees- $56

4. Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is 3.3 meters tall, known as the second tallest structure in Japan located in the Shibakoen district of Minato. You will love this Tokyo sightseeing spot as it boasts a breathtaking view lid by beacon of lights at night making it the most prominent and distinctive landmark. The Tower is the wonderful and iconic site to look at, surrounded with several amusement spots including a beautiful aquarium and restaurants. It is the twinkling tower attracting many of the tourists, giving an outstanding view of all other tourist attractions.
Timings – Open all year from 9:00am – 10:00pm.
Tickets – Adult- $7.3 | Junior- $4 | Children- $4

5. Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum has the longest history in Japan comprising of preserves, repairs, gathers, demonstrates, researches and educates about the cultural properties such as art and archaeological items from Asia. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Tokyo. It is an oldest museum with large buildings which exhibits special, antique and themed collection for its tourists. National museum preserves 14,000 items, containing 87 National Treasures and 633 important cultural properties. Get a wealth of knowledge at Tokyo National Park with attractive displays around you.
Timings – Open from Tuesday-Sunday from 9:30am-5pm (Monday closed)
Tickets – Ticket- $5

6. Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Sky tree has the tallest structure in Japan with height of 634.0 meters. It is a great and an auspicious landmark in Tokyo. An amazing architectural skytree building with outsized shopping mall at its base, full of stores and astounding restaurants. It is the popular tourist site with panoramic scenery and remarkable view featuring world’s highest skywalk. It is the recommended site for sightseeing.
Timings – Open Monday-Sunday from 8:00am-10:00pm
Tickets – Adults- $16.75 | Teenager- $12.52 | Children- $5

7. Sensoji Temple

Sensoji Temple is an ancient and oldest Buddhist temple, one of the most buzzing Tokyo points of interest in the metropolis. The grandest looking with a big unique red gate, imposing buildings and five story pagoda. A great preparation is done for the thousands of visitors with the food and drinks at the hundreds of stalls. You can not only pray here but also buy fortunes and enjoy the impressive sightseeing and shop as well from the variety of stalls. Festivals are organised on weekends to attract more and more people to have a look at Japanese culture and get inspired by it. Sensoji temple is the must visit to a colourful and interesting educational trip at Tokyo.
Timings – Always open from 6:00am-5:00pm
Tickets – Free of cost.

8. Meiji Shrine

If you visit Tokyo you must pay a visit to Meiji Shrine. This shrine is the relaxing and astonishing point for the locals as well as tourists by walking through the serene path. It is a rewarding and popular place to visit, with beautifully shaped building set in lovely grounds. Most of the Japanese weddings happen here because it is gorgeously created, a picture-perfect ground for people. Meiji Shrine is more about modern Japanese history with deep green ancient forests and enormous gates. It has a peaceful atmosphere which will make you forget the hustle and bustle of daily city life.
Timings – Open daily from sunrise to sunset
Tickets – Free Entrance

9. Shinjuku Gyoen

Shinjuku Gyoen is one of the most beautiful, largest and popular parks in Tokyo with expansive lawns and views of Shinjuku skyscrapers. If you are bored of other mainstream things to do in Tokoyo then this park won’t dissapoint you. It is a sparkling place for picnic in the grassy spaces with your family and your loved ones. They have three different gardens with a large number of blooming and fluffy cherry trees. It is the lovely place jam packed with greenery and natural beauty giving relaxation to eyes featuring huge ponds. Pay a visit to this wonderful ground during autumn when the leaves colour changes.
Timings – Open from 9am-4:30pm
Tickets – Entry $1.6

10. Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni shrine is filled with cherry and ginkgo trees and is said to have one of the tallest gate in the country of 72 feet. It is a clean modern military museum dedicated to armed forces of Japan. The museum is enriched with knowledge and eligible civilians in service. People can pay visit to give respect to the militants who gave their life in the war.
Timings – Open 7 days a week from 6:00am-6:00pm
Tickets – Free Entrance

We hope that you like our list of Top Things to Do in Tokyo. Now grab your bags and hit these amazing places!