Rome is the capital of Italy. It is a sprawling and multicultural city occupied with variety of tourist attractions. It is known as the world’s best as well as beautiful city to visit with your family where you will find iconic monuments, art masterpieces and western civilization’s most significant temptations. Rome, Italy has many things that tourists will love which includes its huge collection of sightseeing spots and an excellent shopping destination, nightlife offering trendy bars to clubs where the dancing carries onto sunrise and beyond and restaurants with diversity in food. It is the 11th most visited city in the world and Europe’s 3rd most visited metropolitan. Visit Rome and experience the ancient Rome revealing its architectural and cultural contrast.

So worry no more about what to do in Rome, instead read our detailed guide of besr places to visit in Rome:

1. Colosseum

Colosseum is the egg-shaped amphitheater in the center of Rome and is one of the top Rome attractions. It is the symbol of Rome worldwide and is the largest buildings ever constructed in the Roman Empire. Colosseum is 2000 years old with the supreme Roman architecture, known as the iconic landmark. It is a marvelous building having a glorious structure and an admiring interior. The place is very informative with a composite underground set of huge rooms and great passageways. The amphitheater gives a close view of the culture and atmosphere of the Roman remains. This is the place you should not miss while vacationing at Rome because it is incredibly popular as a tourist destination.
Timings – Open Monday to Sunday from 8:30am-7:15pm

2. Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain, also known as Fontana de Trevi, is the largest fountain in the city of Rome. The majestic fountain, located at Trevi Square, has been backdrop of famous movies and stage of different big events. The fountain is particularly popular in the world for its immaculate architecture and the practice of coin throwing in the fountain to make the wishes come true. The fantastic work of Baroque art describes the relation between Roman Gods and the great waters. The fountain is the jewel of the city, hence you will find lots of people posing with the amazing work of art and making wishes.
Tickets – Admission- Free

3. Pantheon

Pantheon is the ancient Roman architecture building which is the best preserved monument having the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome and is one of the best things to do in Rome, Italy. This is among the most spiritual structures of the globe which was at first a Roman Temple but later converted to a Catholic Church, Santa Maria ad Martyres. The church attracts hundreds of worshippers and tourists every day from around the world to date. The interior of Pantheon is equally marvelous as its exterior as the height of the dome is same as its radius which is why it is known as the perfect space. Even today engineers consider it a masterpiece of engineering work as the dome stands unsupported and is impossible to replicate.
Tickets – Open Monday-Sunday from 8:30am-7:30pm

4. Vatican Museums

Vatican is the unique city filled with many fabulous museums which makes it one of the most interesting Rome points of interest. All the museums have some amazing and finest collection from around the world. The fascinating artworks and important masterpieces from the Egyptian age to the revival, all can be found in the Vatican Museums, including variety of murals, tapestries, mosaics, stunning galleries of sculptures and paintings to admire. You will find long ques outside Vatican Museums, to avoid them we would recommend to have prior booking done online or hire a guide just outside the museums.
Timings – Open Monday-Saturday from 9am-4pm

5. Castel Santangelo

You will never be short on Rome tourist attractions. Castel Sant’angelo is the cylindrical building located on the banks of Tiber in the heart of Rome. It is town’s one of the most popular landmarks with variety of history in it which is going to be interesting and well worth place for you. The view from Sant’angelo is classic with great castle rooms and best panoramas from the high castle walls. The structure of the castle is fantastic with admiring architecture, art and beauty. Make your trip mesmerizing with the huge collection of paintings, sculptures, medieval firearms and military memorabilia. Sant’angelo has plenty of areas where you can click stunning pictures from the parapets while climbing over and take your remarkable memories with you.
Tickets – Ticket: Adult- 8 Euros

6. Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is the town square or a gathering place built on the site of stadium of Domitian. It is also the hub of spectacle with vast open space, lined with baroque facades and dotted with iconic fountains. Walking through the narrow streets, Piazza Navona is something to gaze at for hours of the day and night. The huge town square is the perfect place to run and watch the hilarious performing street artists and painters attracting thousands of tourists’ every day, moreover the magical and lively atmosphere of the Navona fascinate many foreign visitors. Soak up with Rome’s urban continuity and bombastic street performers in Piazza Navona.

7. Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel is the sanctuary in the Apostolic Chapel and the most famous element in the Vatican Museums. It consists of vast collections of art, antiques ranging from sculptures to pottery, tapestries and mosaics. The chapel is most famous for its ceilings which are very artistically painted. It comprises of many outstanding stories in the history of arts which makes it the greatest art treasures of all time. Sistine chapel is the busiest attraction with 25,000 visitors daily, so plan your trip already to avoid the crowd and see the most amazing sites of Rome your eyes will ever witness.
Timings – Open Monday-Saturday from 9am-6pm

8. Stadio Olimpico

Still got time and confused about what to see in Rome? We got you covered! The Studio Olimpico is the sports complex, which is the main and the largest in Rome. It is best known for the football and rugby venue, hosting plenty of other sports events throughout the year. This Stadium has also proudly hosted Olympics and FIFA world cup finals in 1990’s. The stadium also holds the celebration of religious festivals and public events in this huge ground with an impressive and unforgettable insight. Explore the largest stadium of Rome and enjoy watching witnessing different events in the enormous ground.

9. Roman Forum

Roman Forum is the rectangular forum built in the center of Rome, surrounded by several significant ancient government buildings. It is an iconic and prehistoric site which was considered as political center of the ancient city. Tourists can see the remains and relics of the fascinating historical period, and explore the iconic pillars and remnants of buildings and churches. The monument has immense cultural and historic value as your surroundings will make you feel immersing into ancient Roman times. Hence, this place is a must explore grand forum that is rich with Roman mythology and legends, attracting numerous sightseers from around the globe.
Timings – Open every day from 8:30am and closes one hour before sunset

10. Piazza Di Spagna

Piazza Di Spagna is one the most famous squares in Rome and known as the most majestic built-up memorial of Roman Baroque style. It offers Europe’s widest staircase known as Spanish Steps which connects the sinking boat Baroque fountain at the bottom to Trinita dei Monti church at the top.The square is elegant and worth the walk through the streets consisting chic shops and outlets. It is the place to stop with quite impressive views where you can grab some snacks and sit on the stairs.
Timings – Open Monday-Sunday from 12am-12pm