Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world which lies on an archipelago of 117 small islands that are connected with each other through bridges. This unique city is well known for its serene beauty, architecture, waterways, art as well as romantic spots. Whether you take a walk on the streets of the city or take ride on water you will be mesmerized with splendor the city has to offer. The tour to the city will be memorable and full of colors that perfectly embodies the notion of romance and love.

Don’t worry about what to do in Venice, Italy and read our detailed travel guide with top things to see in Venice:

1. Grand Canal

Grand Canal is the main and largest canal of Venice surrounded with different restaurants, hotels, churches and palaces. The Grand Canal serves as the prime corridor for water traffic that moves to and fro for commercial and private purposes. You can explore the canal by either taking a breathtaking gondola ride or hire a private water taxi or you can also hop on one of the public vaperattos. Whatever option you pick, you will be certainly mesmerized with the beauty of the Grand Canal.
Timings – Open 24 hours every day

2. Saint Marks Basilica

Saint Mark’s Basilica is the most important Roman Catholic Church which is named after Saint Mark who was among the disciples of Christ. This Basilica is one of the most visited Venice points of interest. The façade and interior of Basilica are glorious, abundantly adorned with the precious objects and artworks, making it a symbol of Venetian wealth. The architecture of Saint Mark’s Basilica comprises different styles including Renaissance, Romanesque, Gothic and Byzantine style. Don’t forget to submerge yourself in this rich history by giving a detailed visit to this beautiful church. You can also pose with the pigeons outside the church and get hard copy of your photos right away from the polarized cameramen.
Timings – Open Monday-Saturday from 9:45am-5pm | Sunday: 2-5pm
Tickets – Admission- FREE

3. Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco, also known as the drawing room of Europe, is the public square and an iconic and astounding gathering place of Venice. You will find yourself surrounded by religious, political, and cultural aspects of the old Venetian city. The square was a symbol of Venetian power and dominance as a great empire. Presently, the grand place is clustered around restaurants, museums, shops and orchestras playing in the square. Visit the splendid Piazza with the light music playing in the ground and get indulged with the vibrant and stunning backdrop of Saint Marks’s Basilica. Piazza San Marco is the place to have most fun on land, in the city of water.
Timings – Open 24 hours daily
Tickets – Admission- FREE

4. Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge is the oldest and the most popular of the four bridge crossings of the Grand Canal and is among iconic Venice attractions. Due to its architecture, design and location it has become the symbol of the town which attracts thousands of people almost everyday. Rialto Bridge has different restaurants, hotels and shops around it, so you can easily grab your snacks and sit on any spot and enjoy the colourful ambiance. Don’t forget to click lots of pictures to cherish your entire lifetime.
Timings – Open 24 hours a day
Tickets – Admission- FREE

5. Doges Palace

The Doge’s palace is one of the main landmarks of Venice built in the Gothic style architecture. The palace was the emblem of power earlier but now it’s a top attraction for the people visiting Venice. A must do glimpse into the Venetian culture that was and still there is in the city. Immerse yourself in the history by sightseeing the bridge of sighs, the courtyard, the prisons, interior, art work, weaponry and the beautiful sea views from the window. Doge’s Palace forms one of the famous sceneries in the world.
Timings – Open Monday-Friday from 9am-7pm | Saturday: 9am-8pm | Sunday: 9am-7pm
Tickets – Adult cost- 16.50 Euros

6. Bridge Of Sighs

The Bridge of Sighs is a bridge made of white limestone and its windows are made with stone bars and is another one of the interesting places to visit in Venice. The channel is one the supreme example of bridge architecture. A gondola ride from the canal will be fascinating, with incredibly stunning bridge above you. The architectural jewel of the Venice is worth seeing and photographed. Standing on the bridge gives a fabulous view of the canal that is most celebrated outlooks in the town.
Timings – Open daily from 9am-7pm

7. Teatro La Fenice

Teatro La Fenice is the opera house which is one of the most well-known and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre and became the icon of the city because of its extraordinary events. It is the grandiose opera with excellent audio and romantic atmosphere. This is the place where you will encounter to the best audio tour providing wonderful history and descriptions.
Timings – Open daily from 9:30am-6pm
Tickets – Admission- 8.50 Euro

8. Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari

The Frari is the ancient church having remarkable dimensions with the gothic style reflecting building with the glaring atmosphere leaving a strong impression on visitors. This splendid church has innumerable works of art ranging from the sculpture of Donatello to that of Canova and the paintings of 14th century. Santa Maria has some beautiful artworks displayed by the well-known Italian artists, a great cycle of works representing the history of the old and new testaments. Your experience to the church will be overwhelming and peaceful, away from all the crowds.
Timings – Open Monday-Saturday from 9am-6pm | Sunday: 1-6pm

9. Gallerie Dell accademia

Gallerie dell’Accademia is the museum gallery of pre-19th century art, one of the most recognizable and beautiful landmark of the city. Visit this museum library to witness extensive collection of amazing Venetian paintings which you won’t be able to find elsewhere in the world . Enjoy the rebirth of art exhibitions with stunning paintings in the city of Italy.
Timings – Open Monday-Sunday from 7:15am-8:15pm

10. Santa Maria Della Salute

Santa Maria Della Salute is the Roman Catholic Church with a unique octagonal design. It is another famous attraction and one of the largest and most photographed churches in Venice. The church has the gorgeous art work inside it with unique interior design, it is a magnificent round baroque masterpiece with very impressive paintings. Santa Maria is the wonderful architectural building, beautifully decorated having phenomenal views and providing a monolithic background.
Timings – Open every day from Monday-Sunday: 9am-12pm and 3pm-5:30pm
Tickets – FREE Entrance

We hope that with the help of our top things to do in Venice you will not be confused about what to do and what to see in Venice anymore!