Pensacola is the city in Florida. It serves its visitors the best of all world, from history to nature and shopping to sports, you will find all the flavors of entertainment here. Pensacola has the beautiful and world’s whitest beaches and plenty of outdoor points of interest to make your vacations mind-blowing. The city has more than enough activities of all your interests to create memories that will last a lifetime. Dip yourself this summer in the Pensacola’s finest and vibrant beaches, scuba dive on the many shipwrecks and sightsee the astounding views of the city.
If you are worried about what to do in Pensacola, dont you worry here are our top things to do in Pensacola FL.

1. Pensacola Beach

Pensacola beach fl has quite water and is world famous for its sugar white sand and emerald green water. You will not be limited to swimming only, but you can also find other fun things to do in Pensacola beach like fishing, snorkeling, diving, surfing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. It is an ideal spot with endless opportunities of fun and relaxation. Pensacola Beach is rated as one of the top ten beaches of nation by TripAdvisor, so don’t forget to visit this beach when you go to Pensacola FL.

2. Historic Pensacola Village

Historic Pensacola Village is the huge complex, comprising of 27 historic buildings and museums and is one of the top Pensacola attractions. It’s a great opportunity to learn about interesting and fascinating facts of olden times.. The village offers living history demonstrations where you can explore diverse themes of Pensacola’s story by taking a walking tour. The building also exhibits astonishing collections of Mr. Wentworth. The area’s iconic history lends itself to mesmerizing historical and archaeological sites, allowing visitors to absorb its colorful past. Interact with Pensacola’s ancient spots to have knowledge about different cultures around the globe.
Timings – Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-4pm | Monday & Sunday Closed
Tickets – $50 for groups of less than 10 people

3. Pensacola Light

“Pensacola light” is the tallest and oldest lighthouse in the city. It has one of the most beautiful view on the Gulf coast. The lighthouse is occupied with the history and facts. No doubt the view is breathtaking, but the history behind the “Pensacola light” is extremely interesting. You will have to climb up to the lots of stairs that will take you to the wonderful and marvelous views at the top. There are windows inside where you can stop and have a look outside the light.
Timings – Open daily from Monday-Sunday: 10am-5:30pm
Tickets – Adults- $6 | Seniors and children (12 & under) – $4

4. Fort Barrancas

“Fort Barrancas” is the historic landmark and military defense fort of United States. It is the popular site where three nations; Spanish, British and U.S built their forts. The place is still in a good condition and is still operates as a naval base. The fort is huge and beautiful, having lots of secret passages and narrow long hallways to explore. The place is perfect for side tour and worth spending few hours with a playful corner for the kids.
Timings – Open daily from 8:30-4:30pm
Tickets – Park Entrance & Tours are FREE

5. Pensacola Bayfront Stadium

“Bayfront stadium” is a park in Pensacola Florida that includes amphitheater, waterfront Public Park and commercial buildings. It can easily accommodate 5000 people in the stadium. It is considered one of the most leading facilities in Minor League Baseball and is home to blue wahoos. You will really enjoy coming here if you are a baseball fan, even the families will love the area because of its cleanliness, food and the layout of the huge stadium. Enjoy the hilarious baseball game while appreciating the view of the bay. Include tour to “Pensacola Bayfront stadium” in your vacation plan to relish the outfield walls and visit the various buildings throughout.

6. National Naval Aviation Museum

“National Naval aviation museum” is a military and aerospace museum situated at naval air station. It is the great historic place where you will find top notch theater, aircrafts and mesmerizing displays. It is World’s largest “naval museum” and one of the most visited museums in Florida. The place contains number of attractions that will surely captivate the whole family. The enthralling museum has 150 aircrafts beautifully restored from the Navy, Marine Corps, and the coast guard. You will get to see a lot such as vintage uniforms, historic documents and dioramas. Visitors are welcome to jump into the cockpits and know about the rich history of the oldest planes.
Timings – Open daily from 9am-5pm
Tickets – Admission is FREE

7. Saenger Theatre

“Saenger Theater” is the Spanish baroque or rococo theater offering shows, concerts and classic films on a huge platform. The theater has a Spanish baroque architecture with opulent rococo style. It is a well-known place in Pensacola having a fabulous marquee and local events for generations showing up opera, symphony and ballet. It is an interactive place occupied with top class performances. The “Saenger Theater” is a treat in itself, so don’t forget to miss out to spend the glorious evening here.

8. Fort Pickens

“Fort Pickens” is the pentagonal historic fort of military. The fortress is the largest of the 4 forts, built to defend the navy yard and the Pensacola bay. It is also the picture-perfect place with great beaches around it. It is a quiet and beautiful place to hang around with splendid spots like kayaking, walking and wildlife watching at the absolute stunning “Fort Pickens”. Kids and adults will enjoy climbing and discovering the interesting park where antiquity will come to life. The park is very informative with surely an entertaining bit of American history.
Timings – Open daily from 7am-10pm

9. Pensacola Bay Center

The “Pensacola bay center” is the indoor arena with capacity of 8,150 for hockey games. The center is a multi-use complex hosting big music events, meetings and exhibitions. The “Pensacola bay” provides variety of entertainment to the Gulf Coast and is a popular place for rehearsal of talents. It is an exciting center ranging concerts to sports events, political rallies, circuses and much more. You have plenty of things to do at “Pensacola bay” to keep yourself amused and to have an unforgettable experience featuring relaxed seats, brilliant acoustics and impeccable sight lines.
Timings – Open from Monday-Friday: 10am-4pm
Tickets – Adult/Child- $9