Sedona is a desert town in Arizona State. It is especially known for its colorful, fantastic red rock formations worldwide. The desert has everything whether its history and archaeology, shopping and dining, arts and culture or outdoor sports with the most spectacular scenery in the whole world. The city is known for hiking and vortexes surrounded with beauty and energy that one could spend the entire life exploring wonders. It is one of the prettiest and peaceful place to visit, unlike most in this world. Plan your trip to the gorgeously blessed Sedona, a place rich with culture, adventure, history and spirituality.

Our experts have compiled a list of top things to do in Sedona AZ for you so that you don’t have to worry about what to do in Sedona once you are there.

1. Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock Park is located at the mouth of Valley and is the desired spot to get away from the hot summers. It has been featured as one of America’s ten best swimming holes on various lists. The park is one of the cherished swimming holes in the Southwest. The slide rock park has various things to do such as various depth pools, perfect for paddling, cliff jumping, hiking, nature watching, swimming and flawless place for picnicking. Visitors are blossomed with the unique attraction. Get to Sedona’s most popular location and at a wonderful place for your vacations. Timings – Open 7 days a week from 8:00am-4:00pm. Tickets – $10 for parking pass.

2. Red Rock State Park

Red rock state park is among the top Sedona Arizona points of interest. It has a nature preserved surrounded with red rock formation. A very interesting and informative rock scenery to look at. This Sedona park is a perfect place for people who love hiking, geology and bird watching. An amazing family-friendly place to visit. The park is totally different from other tourist destinations with ideal huge red rocks. An entertaining and impressive place with majestic views and different varieties of birds. You cannot miss to go to such a beautiful park while vacationing at Sedona AZ because of its attractive views. Timings – Open every day from 8:00am-5:00pm Tickets – $10 entry fee with car | $3 entry fee who come by foot or on bike.

3. Red Rock Scenic Byway

If you plan to visit Sedona then Red Rock scenic byway is a must go for you. It is often called a museum without walls. Road trip to this beautiful place will be fun for the travelers who are thirsty to see the unusual. Before reaching the pretty place occupied with great red rocks, there are plenty of stops along the way to stop at and click pictures. Looking at God’s nature has always been a surprising moment for people to get amazed at. Here is another in Sedona, where you can enjoy winding and breathtaking scenery around you. The tour to scenic byway will be enriching and extraordinary for the tourists. Timings – Opens at 6:00am and closes at 5:00pm Tickets – $5 pass.

4. Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek canyon is a river gorge situated between the cities of Flagstaff and city of Sedona Arizona. It is one of the very few constant streams in the high desert region of northern Arizona. The crystal clear water streams throughout the year making the canyon filled with lush greenery. Drive to oak canyon is one of the most beautiful in America. Camping at such a gorgeous place will be memorable, filled with lots of entertainment for the tourists. It is Arizona’s second biggest attraction with delightful views and colorful rocks. A must visit natural wonderland with huge landscapes and popular spot for picnic. Tickets – $10 per vehicle | $20 during summers

5. Chapel of the Holy Cross

Chapel of the Holy Cross is a beautiful small church built into a cliff. Religious tours are always relaxing and peaceful with an extraordinary spiritual experience. The chapel is worth visiting to enjoy the peace through the doors with an unbelievable beautiful views. A catholic chapel is astonishing with an amazing sunset view making it a special place for divine inspiration. A glorious work of nature and man with a combination of unique modern architecture and natural rocky beauty. The chapel of the Holy Cross is still a fascinating landmark of Sedona USA. A visit is must to this incredible site, popular for all faiths.

6. Bell Rock

Bell Rock is a lighthouse located in an amazing section of Arizona i.e. South of Sedona. A popular tourist attraction, widely recognized to be one of Sedona’s energy vortexes. The trail has beautiful hikes with panoramic views. Bell Rock has a monument valley and mountains. It is also considered as a vortexes, channeling energy and giving out spiritual rebirth to many of the visitors, an interesting place to go for. Bell rock path is gentle and flat where you can climb straightly, easy for new hikers, providing a great point for picnic and simply enjoying the wonderful scenery.

7. Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is a well-known landmark in Sedona, and one of the most photographed site in United States. The site has magical moments during the day, with changing color in different times of the day. All the tourist destinations in Sedona have an element of vortexes of which cathedral rock is considered the strongest. It has something to offer for all ages from easy to moderate and to the difficult hike. A picture-perfect place for the visitors with majestic red rocks and a fantastic view around you. A place which is running to become the 8th wonder of the world, is worth watching once in a life time. Timings – Open from 8:00am-8:00pm Tickets – Parking Fee- $6

8. Devils Bridge

Devils Bridge is an unusual road bridge located in a village in Ceredigion, Wales. It is the biggest natural sandstone arch and one of the coolest in the Sedona area. The best thing about this astonishing bridge is that there are spectacular views at every turn while hiking. You will get a thrilling experience on this bridge which is flat and easy to navigate. The trail is quite simple when you start but it gets difficult as you go further making it more and more adventurous. Get an enjoyable experience over here with greenery all around you and river beneath the bridge. See the water flowing in between the mountains and dip your hands and feet in the cold water. Timings – Open from 9:45am-5:30pm Tickets – Adults- $6 | Student- 4.5 | Senior Citizens- $4.5 | Child (6-15) – $3 | Children under 5- Free

9. Verde Canyon Railroad

Canyon Railroad is a mesmerizing train ride, known as the Arizona’s longest-running nature show. A 4 hour ride where you will get to see views of Sinagua Indian ruins, waterfowl, a 680 man-made tunnel and wildlife. An adventurous journey featuring abundance native flora and fauna, remarkable vistas and desert rocks. The trip encourages visitors to go outdoors to sight the beautiful views along the way. A romantic, comforting and relaxing ride with incredible views of rock formation, the Verde River and local wildlife. Enjoy an exploratory ride with range of attractions and have a fun experience. Timings – Open every day from Monday to Sunday from 8:00am-5:00pm

10. Courthouse Butte

Courthouse butte is a Sedona red rock destination, which is also one of the famous Sedona vortexes. It is one of the first formation and can be seen from anywhere in Sedona. It is considered a moderate hike and is a great place for climbing. As you go near the butte, it appears round and flat. A stunning place to go for a tour with your friends and family. Make it your most memorable trip by visiting to auspicious place in Sedona.